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FCB Goalkeeper Coaching

Goalkeeper is a unique position, and although it is very important to train with your teams to work on foot skills and the understanding of the game, it is important you receive specialized GK training from a knowledgeable coach.

Just like how an outfield player will work on each aspect of their game at practice, a goalkeeper must do the same, if not more than a field player. Coaches with no goalkeeping experience can often give misguided information and cannot correct wrong goalkeeping techniques. With specialized coaching we are seeing goalkeepers improve each year; we want to see our goalkeepers ADVANCE to that next level.

Goalkeepers are a vital part of any team and we provide our players with the best coaching possible. FCB have two fully qualified ‘A’ license goalkeeper directors as well as two Thai Academy GK coaches, so you will be in safe hands when you train with us.