English: 098-828-7611 | Thai: 098-262-7587

FCB Finishing Clinic

Finishing is an art that only the best players in world have mastered and the only reason they are masters of it is down to hours of specific unopposed technical training. FCB believe that all academy players need to be capable and clinical in front of goal so we have dedicated a specific curriculum to the art of finishing.

Within this additional weekly clinic players’ will be coached on the main finishing themes:

  • Receiving back to goal
  • Receiving edge of box for 2 and 3 touch finishing
  • Control zones + finish (chest, thigh)
  • Breakaway finishing – 1v1 with goalkeeper
  • Creating space to score in the box
  • Heading
  • Combinations with 10, 7 and 11
  • Finishing technique – spin the ball
  • Finishing technique – drive the ball (laces)
  • Finishing technique – place the ball (instep)

FCB finishing clinics are limited to 10 players maximum.